Welcome to myEmerg

Imagine if you could reinvent how you manage your health. The myEmerg team, has spent the last year to do just that. This website is our first communication to the marketplace about our new health messaging application that we have built for you.

Our app takes into account the changing nature of how we all communicate with one another. We are focused on health & wellness  messaging and all the features of myEmerg are designed to support that. Our core health & wellness messenger platform is supported by location based health services, health data and rewards.

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We created this new and dynamic application that we believe takes health management to a new level by integrating it into the fabric of our daily lives. This blog will be a way to answer your questions, share our ideas and get your feedback, as we continue to evolve our product and features in the coming weeks and months. Our focus is on you, your health and how myEmerg can help you achieve the health goals and interests you have. We also understand the importance on communications to facilitate the product evolution and will use all available channels to make this the best health & wellness messenger the world has ever seen.The myEmerg Team