Health and wellness messenger – free and easy way to manage your questions

People have always tried to answer their health questions at home and made personal choices about whether and when to consult a clinician. While clinicians are a central resource during serious health episodes, more basic care questions we usually handle with information and support from family or friends.

The myEmerg Health & Wellness messenger is a great tool to conveniently speak about health issues, concerns, and instantly receive answers and shared experiences from your trusted health network. This is free and easy way to manage your health and wellness related questions.

Health messenger

Imagine if you are not feeling well, if something hurts, and you want to learn more so that you can feel better and get back on track sooner. You want the solution now and fast. Driving to doctor, sitting with a bunch of other sick people in a waiting room, or calling each family member or friend for information consumes time and money. With myEmerg the whole experience can be improved with the functionality we have designed into the application.

In the myEmerg messenger you can write your question, add a photo of problem and highlight it by circling the area, and get answers, tips and recommendations from your truseted health network. The messenger allows to share information; photos; contacts; health service locations including hours, phone etc.; your health data; and lets you express your feelings with cool Health & Wellness stickers.

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