Finding a pharmacy, urgent care has never been this easy.

When you need a pharmacy, urgent care, hospital… – you want a solution fast. That’s where the myEmerg virtual health assistant comes in.

myEmerg has created and developed a smarter location finder – ONE TAP GPS that is super-fast and super convenient and offers all the necessary information you would like to know in just seconds. Whether you need a pharmacy, urgent care, hospital, dentist, optician, or maybe you would like to get a flu shot or find a gym – all you need to do is just tap once on the GPS icon to see your location and all the nearest locations of service you are looking for in our map. Tap on a particular location and you will see more information including hours, phone, address, web address and directions.


myEmerg and Uber

We have also thought about the case if you need a ride to your targeted destination. We have integrated our application with Uber. You can directly connect from our application with Uber’s service and get a car in few minutes wherever you are. Our app is able to pre-populate the current location and expected destination, and saves you time for entering this information, determines distance and price for each type of UBER ride service.

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