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What are your benefits of having HEALTH DATA WITH YOU ANYTIME?

Having easy access to YOUR health and wellness information saves time and money. It offers the convenience of getting advice no matter where you are and making sure you do not lose this information while you are moving about.

Whether you’re at home, sitting in the doctors’ office, traveling or picking something up from pharmacy having that information can also save a life. In case of an emergency, medical personnel can see your vital information, such as a disease you’re being treated for, previous surgeries, medications you take, drug allergies, and how to contact your family doctor.

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myEmerg – TOP 10 finalist at CES Mobile App Showdown 2016

The Mobile Apps Showdown is an annual competition at CES created to surface the best of the new breed of apps. This was the 7th year for one of the best loved events at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES). The Showdown begins months before CES starts, as contestants, sign up to show their app. The app must be new – for the 2016 competition, the app could not be older than 2015, and must be available by Q2 of 2016.

We submitted myEmerg for the contest, and were very proud to have made it as a Top 10 Finalist. From a group of exciting new apps, the distinguished judges chose 10 finalists. Judges carefully evaluated the products, looking for innovation and staying power. Than the public was asked to vote online which of recently released apps was most likely to succeed? More

We are very proud that myEmerg was mentioned as “Some Standouts at the International CES” by Kit Eaton New York Times. More

Recognition is nice, and part of the feedback process.

Importantly, we continue to work on our app and add new features requested by the market. For us this is a journey that will continue so that the app adds value to the user community.

Finding a pharmacy, urgent care has never been this easy.

When you need a pharmacy, urgent care, hospital… – you want a solution fast. That’s where the myEmerg virtual health assistant comes in.

myEmerg has created and developed a smarter location finder – ONE TAP GPS that is super-fast and super convenient and offers all the necessary information you would like to know in just seconds. Whether you need a pharmacy, urgent care, hospital, dentist, optician, or maybe you would like to get a flu shot or find a gym – all you need to do is just tap once on the GPS icon to see your location and all the nearest locations of service you are looking for in our map. Tap on a particular location and you will see more information including hours, phone, address, web address and directions.


myEmerg and Uber

We have also thought about the case if you need a ride to your targeted destination. We have integrated our application with Uber. You can directly connect from our application with Uber’s service and get a car in few minutes wherever you are. Our app is able to pre-populate the current location and expected destination, and saves you time for entering this information, determines distance and price for each type of UBER ride service.

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Health and wellness messenger – free and easy way to manage your questions

People have always tried to answer their health questions at home and made personal choices about whether and when to consult a clinician. While clinicians are a central resource during serious health episodes, more basic care questions we usually handle with information and support from family or friends.

The myEmerg Health & Wellness messenger is a great tool to conveniently speak about health issues, concerns, and instantly receive answers and shared experiences from your trusted health network. This is free and easy way to manage your health and wellness related questions.

Health messenger

Imagine if you are not feeling well, if something hurts, and you want to learn more so that you can feel better and get back on track sooner. You want the solution now and fast. Driving to doctor, sitting with a bunch of other sick people in a waiting room, or calling each family member or friend for information consumes time and money. With myEmerg the whole experience can be improved with the functionality we have designed into the application.

In the myEmerg messenger you can write your question, add a photo of problem and highlight it by circling the area, and get answers, tips and recommendations from your truseted health network. The messenger allows to share information; photos; contacts; health service locations including hours, phone etc.; your health data; and lets you express your feelings with cool Health & Wellness stickers.

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Welcome to myEmerg

Imagine if you could reinvent how you manage your health. The myEmerg team, has spent the last year to do just that. This website is our first communication to the marketplace about our new health messaging application that we have built for you.

Our app takes into account the changing nature of how we all communicate with one another. We are focused on health & wellness  messaging and all the features of myEmerg are designed to support that. Our core health & wellness messenger platform is supported by location based health services, health data and rewards.

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We created this new and dynamic application that we believe takes health management to a new level by integrating it into the fabric of our daily lives. This blog will be a way to answer your questions, share our ideas and get your feedback, as we continue to evolve our product and features in the coming weeks and months. Our focus is on you, your health and how myEmerg can help you achieve the health goals and interests you have. We also understand the importance on communications to facilitate the product evolution and will use all available channels to make this the best health & wellness messenger the world has ever seen.The myEmerg Team