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myEmerg helps solve your health issues. Simple access to instant personalized primary care. Ask your health & wellness questions – get instant advice from trusted health network. Do it in a way that is natural, informative, convenient, fun, and gets you the health results you desire.

You have a health issue and you do not even know which specialist to contact? Chat in myEmerg to find out answers. You have a question about beauty? You have a question for the pharmacist? Ask and get advice.
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Your Health Data

A simple and intuitive dashboard to manage your health data. Just the right amount of information based on what is important to you. The app will automatically sync with your preferred health provider(s). myEmerg will enhance the health relationships with doctors, pharmacies, urgent cares, and much more.

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Location Based Services

You will no longer have to worry about finding the closest gym, pharmacy or other health related location. myEmerg will do it for you. The great thing about myEmerg is that as you move about, you can get answers and information based on your location.

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”It is always exciting to see a partner app integrate two API’s in a seamless manner and we are very happy with the customer experience that myEmerg delivers.“

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”myEmerg is primarily a chat forum for family and friends to discuss health and fitness matters.“

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"The Mobile Apps Showdown is a fast-paced contest where contestants submit new apps."


The more you use myEmerg, the more rewards you will receive! We are working with health care providers to bring you the latest rewards based on your preferences and interests to provide you opportunities to save money.